Monday, January 2, 2012

Arrival of the toolbox

Monday marked the arrival of the rest of the band - Christian Larsson for bass, Peter Huss for guitar and Ludwig Witt for drums.

To mark something exceptional it was also witnessed that Kvarforth actually got up before nine in the morning - something rarely witnessed.

Although the day mostly has consisted of setting up the drums and moving preproduction files from one computer to another, it has been a joy to see the band all in the same space again - believe me, in between gigs that isn't that common when it comes to Shining...

Although the day brought forth a few panic attacks, there have been no major conflicts yet and nothing scandalous to report. But as they say, it's always calm before a storm ;)

I'll post you a short video later this night where Niklas discusses the sacking and return of Ludwig with Witt himself - spiced up with a few shots from the studio itself.

Until then, keep watching this space.


  1. Any plans to release a Shining DVD? I always love watching behind-the-scenes footage, and I personally would buy a concert DVD if Shining had one.

  2. That has been in the plans for a long time but nothing confirmed yet. We'll see what the future brings!


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