Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From drums to guitars and all...

It was one loooong weekend here, with Friday being a bankholiday and all.
Most went to their homes in Halmstad but Niklas and the undersigned had to stay at the studio, home is too far away to travel for just a few days.

However, everyone returned to the studio on Monday, unscathed, and so far the guitar sounds have been perfected, and even a few bits recorded.

We'll continue with the guitars tomorrow, and tomorrow I'll also post a collective video of the last three (somewhat monotonous) days. In the meanwhile I asked the guys to blog for a bit - it's so boring to read just my own words here..

So here goes, let's start with Niklas:

What are you skriving? Blogga? Kul? NEJ. We just started recording guitars today, Huss sucks. So does Christian, being the only "eye-candy" in the band. Andy Lakoks är bra han också. We had a band-meeting for the first time since Tuska. I dont like any of these fucking mongoloids in the band. And we have manager. That pleases me! I did an interview today, seemed to be quite a nice guy, and thats alot coming from me. I can't stop looking at this one picture that was sent to me a few days ago. Fan... Nelli is trying to give me my medication. I am still on some of them but will stop Zyprexa. That will be interesting, especially for the rest of the fuckers who have to bare with little ol'me here within these walls. Tack. "Fuck you, fuck me, fuck everyone, fuck ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" / K

...and ok. Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. Niklas is in a jolly mood it seems...

Let's see if Christian is feeling any better:

I'm back and recovered from a throat virus, which was really fun... We have finished the drum-chapter of the album now, and I must say that Ludwig is without a single doubt one of, if not THE best, drummer I've been lucky enough to work with. You will surely understand this when you get to hear the album. So, today we moved on to doing guitars, so it's starting to get really interesting now, because the pieces are slowly starting to fall into place. Quite a few hours was spent on finding the right tone, trying out different mics and shit like that. I must say we ended up with a really good sound. I'll start doing my parts in a week or so. Bor for now, dra åt fan!


  1. Niklas's part was like a mad scientist's journal.Eager to listen to those great guitar sounds,hehe

  2. Just curious, will we ever hear another incarnation of "Utfrysning", or was that chapter concluded on Klagopsalmer? I love how all the pieces are distinctly different, yet revisit certain movements and chords. Would be interesting to hear what another rendition would sound like with Shining in its current form.

    Niklas, I want to say that your vocal peformance on Halmstad has been my favorite from any album, metal or otherwise. Very moving, I can literally FEEL the despair in your voice! Can it be topped? I am hoping so, descend into madness brother.

    Cheers and good luck with the rest of the recording session.

  3. much thanks for the compliments Niklas!, was a great interview, and I really enjoyed speaking with you (as nervous as I was hahaha.) I'll send a final version to Neili just to make sure it's perfect (I know journalists already have a bad name for twisting people's words, trying to avoid that I guess :P ) , then it'll be translated and posted on the internet in both the original English and the translation.


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