Sunday, January 1, 2012

There's a darkness coming, darker than any depth seen by man...

Today marks the start of the two month long recording session of the eighth Shining album.

A long time has passed since the recordings of the sixth and seventh albums - of which the latter came out in May 2011 - but Shining has not been wasting time.

Constantly touring and working on new ideas, Niklas Kvarforth and bassist Christian Larsson took time off to work on the preproduction of this album last Summer in Helsinki.

For those of you not actively following the band, check out this interview of Kvarforth by Kaaos TV where he talks about the preproduction:

The result was a hefty amount of songs, out of which a certain number were then picked out and carefully prepared to be ready for the final recording session, starting now.

In the studio we'll have the fantastic Andy LaRocque as our producer, a man certainly adequate of setting a good working pace for Kvarforth, Huss, Larsson and Witt.

I, the undersigned am in charge of the overall wellbeing of the band during this difficult and stressful time (yes, things will get rough, I can already tell you that..). The outside world also knows me as the person in charge of Shining on tours and such, doing my utmost to keep everyone happy, well and as alive as possible.
I will be monitoring these sessions, and reporting to you of our progress daily, and also at times trying to get the members themselves to contribute a word or two in writing, or at least to say a few words for the camera.

Knowing Shining's reputation, this blog can be commented on but all comments will be checked and moderated before being published. Do bear with me on that one, I can tell you it's extremely necessary.

However, enough with the babbling now, let's get to business!

Take care, stay tuned...

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Please don't stop half-way through...


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